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Engineering: A Career Path Continuing to Grow in the United States

With so many careers to choose from, which one is best suited for you? It may be engineering! Engineering has many subcategories that vary greatly from one another. Not only does engineering pay well but has an average growth per year of 16%. In this blog, I will discuss current trending careers within the engineering field.


  • Automation Engineering

If you are a detail oriented, thorough, technology skilled individual; automation engineering may be a perfect route for you. An automation engineer designs, programs, simulates and tests machinery and processes. This type of engineering requires computer programming and software skills, great communication skills, manual dexterity, and creative thinking.


  • Robotics Engineering

Robotics engineering is a career on the rise with great potential for the future. In this profession, you would be creating robots, finding new uses for them and improving existing functions. The skills needed in this field are creative thinking, heavy math and science skills, communication skills, as well as software engineering experience.


  • Controls Engineering

If you were a controls engineer you would be in charge of design and control of dynamic processes. This type of engineering would make you a jack of all trades of sorts as it requires knowledge from all technologies; mechanical, chemical and electrical. In order to be a skilled controls engineer, you would need to have scientific and mathematical skill, creative thinking, and have managerial skills.


  • Software Engineer

With technology getting more and more complex software engineers are a necessity to our society. The top five foundational skills needed to excel in this career are JAVA/J2EE, .NET, C++, C#, and SQL. Staying current with technology and skills and knowledge of robotics and mobile technology are needed as well.


  • Industrial Biotechnology

If you want a career that is essential to our economy, tenable, and boundless, this is the one for you. Working in this field would entail creating chemicals and resources from natural resources. This career requires extensive knowledge of molecular biology, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and computer skills.


  • Aerospace and Defence

Airline travel is the reason this type of engineering is as important as it is. In order to be a good fit within this category you must have extensive computer knowledge, maintenance and manufacturing knowledge, work well within a team,  and have great attention to detail.

  • Civil Engineering

Globally, civil engineering is necessary for growth in the community. This type of engineering centers around construction. Needed skills are project management, technical skills, communication skills, creativity and critical thinking.


  • Biomedical Engineering

To be a skilled biomedical engineer you must have skills in technology, as well as medical and biological skills. You work as a team towards goals so working others and communication skills are needed.



With thousands of careers to choose from, engineering was named #34 in the top 100 careers according to US News. With pay scales averaging around 80,000 a year and continued project sustainability and growth, it is a fantastic career to get into.

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