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Is your current position your “Dream Job”?


If every day you wake up happy to go into work, is that enough to consider your job as a perfect one?


There are many characteristics of a job that should be considered when posing this question to one’s self.


  • Are you excited for the work day ahead? Many positions leave employees feeling as though their day is already established without excitement due to predictability or lack of interest. If you are looking forward to seeing what the day brings you, this is a key to being not only happy in life but to keeping longevity in your position.


  • Is there room for growth? It is always good to strive to be your best self and to be successful in life. Knowing that there is room for advancement within your company is important. Even if you do not currently have interest in advancing to a higher position, you may want to in the future; having it as a potential is ideal.


  • Do your morals and goals align with your company? Knowing that you do something that you are proud of everyday can add great value to your life. If your company does business that you do not quite agree with you could feel uncomfortable and perhaps,  in more drastic circumstances,  Whereas, if the company you work for does things like reaching out and helping the community or recycling and that is important to you,  you will be happier at work and home as well.


  • Are you proud to do what you do? Imagine or think back to a time when meeting someone new or seeing an old acquaintance. You are asked what you do for a living, do you proudly answer?  Every person has their own personal standard of what their life should be,  are you meeting yours? Granted, most people dream of a life bigger than the one they live within but if you are proud to be a part of what your company does and your position within that company,  you are on the right path.


  • Do you respect those above you within your company? While it is important in any situation to get along with those you interact with on a daily basis, to respect and be willing to go the extra mile for your employers is important for both you and your superiors. Feeling that communication is done properly, that you are valued and that you are cohesive as a team is necessary for a happy workplace.


If you can answer yes to these five questions,  congratulations! You have found a position worth keeping.  You can flourish in your career while living a full happy life, and there you have your “dream job”.


If you are still looking for your “dream job”, contact us at Precision Staffing and we will get you on the right path!
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What else do you think is important in an ideal job?



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