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The Benefits of Working With A Local Staffing Agency in Northern Kentucky

Northern Kentucky Staffing Company

For businesses maintaining your workforce and adding staff can be among the most frustrating aspects of operating a business. Hiring is not one of your core goals. It may not be one of your strengths, but if it’s not done well, it can have a serious negative impact on your success. A local staffing agency in Northern Kentucky can save you time and money while connecting you with the most well-qualified candidates for your business.

Shorten Time to Hire

A staffing firm can speed the hiring process, making it quicker and easier to get new employees onboard and contributing. Talent is in short supply, making it harder for managers to source the people they need while still making time for their day-to-day tasks. It’s time-consuming to review resumes, interview applicants, make hiring decisions and stay in communication with top candidates. With a staffing firm, you can jump to the last step – choosing the best candidate and making your offer!

Access Specialized Talent

Hiring is challenging enough; it becomes even harder when you are competing for candidates with tough-to-find skills. While unemployment is rising, top talent can still choose their ideal place to work. When you work with a local staffing agency in Northern Kentucky, you have a partner that understands the local talent market. They have networks built over the years in the business that include skilled individuals who are either looking for work or, in many cases, currently employed. As a third party, a staffing agency can reach out to these candidates to discuss your opportunity and gauge their interest. This insider knowledge also gives them insight into what it takes to attract top candidates regarding compensation, perks and cultural factors that will make them a great fit.

Reduce Employment Risks

The liabilities an employer can face, particularly when it comes to temporary employment, is no joke. Misclassification of employees can be an expensive mistake. A Northern Kentucky staffing firm will be up-to-date on local, state and federal regulations and labor laws. In the case of temporary employees, the staffing agency is the employer of record – meaning they are responsible for payroll, tax withholding, benefits, unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation of their employees. Some will even offer payrolling services, allowing you to add your own employees to their payroll as well.

Partner With The Top Staffing Agency in Northern Kentucky

As a leading staffing agency in Northern Kentucky, Precision can help you find the talented people you need faster. Contact us today to get started!



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