Here at Precision Staffing we are so passionate about our staffing solutions that we can’t help but talk about it constantly. From what we’re doing at the office to the latest trends in the field we just have to tell you what’s happening! If you like what we’re doing you should absolutely let us know, and if you think of something you’d really like us to tallk about go ahead and reach out!

What To Do When Your Candidate Fails A Background Check

Great candidates are hard to come by in today’s market. When you do find someone who would add value to your team, you want to scoop them up quickly. Many employers around Cincinnati choose to extend offers contingent upon a background check. But what happens when you...

What Do Cincinnati Job Seekers Want In A Post-Pandemic Workplace?

You don’t have to hold a PhD in economics to know that the Cincinnati job market has been forever altered by COVID. The pandemic first brought many industries to a halt, setting off record unemployment. Then massive labor shortages plagued numerous sectors and several...

The Benefits of Working in Manufacturing: Build Your Pay and Your Skills!

You want a great job that leads to a successful career. To date, you've searched far and wide for career opportunities. But there is one area you may want to consider that you may have ignored in the past: manufacturing.   Manufacturing career opportunities...

Inside the Potential of a Great Work-Life Balance in Manufacturing

A healthy work-life balance is paramount for manufacturing employees. If you know how to manage your health, you can perform at peak levels. Meanwhile, you're also well-equipped to feel great outside of work.   Establishing a healthy work-life balance in...

Memorial Day

    We hope you had a peaceful memorial day. Enjying the people you were with and remembering the people we lost. Memorial day is as a day to honor all Americans that have died while serving our country. The current pandemic has upended our traditional...

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Economy Inflation

Inflation In The Current Economy Largest Inflation Drop Since 2008 Consumer Prices Decline      Amidst the chaos of the current pandemic, the fall in inflation is the silver lining. Consumer prices have declined by 0.8% in April. That is the lowest drop since...

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Re-boarding Your Business and Your Employees

This is a guest post by Ira S Wolfe, the founder and president of Success Performance Solutions, a celebrated thought leader in the future of work and HR, and best-selling author of Recruiting in the Age of Googlization. To learn more about managing through our new...

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Maintaining A Healthy Workplace

Keeping Employees Healthy Returning To Work At Precision Staffing we're learning as we go, too. Here are some best practices we thought might be helpful for keeping workers healthy returning to work. "We're balancing two things: the need to move forward, to get people...

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COVID-19 States Reopening

COVID-19 States Reopening Updates As states are starting to reopen, we are here to provide updates and answer questions. Every Governor is making a plan to best serve the needs and safety of their state; each will be unique and nuanced. At Precision Staffing, we have...

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Keeping kids busy during COVID-19

Ideas For Parents Working From Home That Will Keep Kids Busy & Having Fun Working from home can be stressful, having kids doesnlt make it any easier. Here are 3 activities to keep them occupied.Cosmic Kids Yoga    This revolutionary virtual yoga class for kids has...

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In Honor of the Brave

In Honor of the Brave

In 1938, the country commemorated it's first veterans day (at the time called Armistice Day) in honor of those who served in World War I. We celebrate on the 11th of November as the war ended at 11:00 on 11/11. Starting in 1954, the holiday was changed, not only to...

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Mastering Adaptability

Mastering Adaptability

Being adaptable is a key to not only gaining successes but additionally reducing your personal stress and increasing productivity. In our current society the ability to keep calm in any situation, have realistic perceptions, be accepting and excited for new challenges...

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Here at Precision Staffing we believe in the unique worth of everyone we work with, and the relationship we develop with them. We like to spend the time to get to know each and every person we work with, even if we’ll only be working with them for a short while. This allows us to match the right talent with the right opportunities, and cuts down on the hassle for everyone involved.

Precision Staffing also employs advanced data analysis and pattern recognition to back up what we know with hard data we can prove. Our client and candidate profiles provide a deep insight into wants or needs that may be more difficult to articulate, but no less important to the operation of your business. We draw out these issues through analysis, and deliver candidates that meet your needs in ways you hadn’t thought possible.

We are dedicated to our cullture of initiative, integrity, teamwork, and trust.

Precision Staffing is about finding the talent you need now. Let our success work for you.

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