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4 Ways To Keep A Job Opportunity Before Even Interviewing

  1. Look the Part!

Attire is very important in first impressions. While you do not need to be wearing name brands or anything over the top, you must look presentable. If it looks like you just casually stopped by or just rolled out of bed it speaks to unprofessionalism as well as a lack of enthusiasm about the potential.

You want to be clean and put together. Depending on the position, a suit may be a good choice of attire but in a more casual position slacks and a button down, collared shirt would be appropriate for men. Be sure not to wear sneakers! Wear dress shoes! If you have facial hair, have it groomed and neat, as well as your hair. Wear a moderate amount of cologne and you are ready to go!

For a women, you can also wear slacks and a button down or nice blouse but you also have the option to wear a skirt; however, it must be an inch above your knee or lower! Also, do not wear a blouse that is too low cut! You want to be viewed as a professional and judged for your knowledge and skills. Have your hair up or down but be sure it is neatly done. If you wear makeup, keep it somewhat natural with neutral shades. Again, you just want to be viewed as a professional and respected, treated as an equal.

  1. Be polite to those you come across before the interview!

When applying for jobs, if you see a number come across your phone that is not saved and you do answer, answer professionally. For example, “Hello, this is (insert your name)”. It may be your future boss, be professional. When booking the interview have enthusiasm and be polite to those booking it. When going in for the interview be professional and friendly with the surrounding staff, from those at the desk to those passing by. The reason for this is people talk and in any position you may receive, you are attempting to be a part of a new team! They want someone to be hired that will fit in and be a pleasure to be around. In other words, they more than likely will tell a hiring manager if you were impolite or seemed uninterested in the job.

  1. Do not play on your phone!

I know we live in a time where our phones are prevalent throughout every aspect of our lives but during a job interview do not have your phone out. Keep it in the car if you feel that you will look at it if you have it. I usually keep mine on silent or off and in my bag, that way I can access it if I need a number for reference or to look something up that they are requesting. Not only does it look like you don’t care about the job if you are on your phone but also it may lead them to believe that you will be on your phone during work hours and less productive.

  1. Be Prepared and Smile!

Do not be intimidated and nervous, which I know is easier said than done but take a few deep breaths before going in. Think through some questions and answers that you believe may come up and be ready with quality responses. Do some internet research on the company so you know their background and have information about their community involvement. Smile! Be happy that you have the opportunity and show them that you are the very best candidate for the position!




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