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Updated Pinterest Boards!



Precision Staffing Has 3 New Boards!

Our activity on Pinterest has been growing with over 400 pins, 11 boards and continues to add followers daily.  We wanted to introduce three new boards on our Pinterest created in mind specifically to help you to succeed in the career world.

1. Job Searching Advice

pinterst job search

(click picture for board)

This board is something we take pride in because here at Precision Staffing our goal is to help you find the job you are searching for. This board is filled with helpful websites and articles to guide you through the job searching process. Even if it comes to starting from the beginning of your search, we have advice on how to get started, and this is the board to help get you on your feet.


2. Lifestyle Outside of Work

 pinterst lifestyle(click picture for board)

If there is one thing we need to do more of it is to achieve a better work life balance. This board is highly appropriate and is one that will benefit anyone in the work force. It is full of helpful tips and advice on how to coach yourself to maintain balance   . One of the most important boards for everyone because we all need the organization. Which leads us to our next board!

3. Office Space & Organization

pinterst organize(click picture for board)

To maintain sanity in the office one must have an organized desk space and file cabinets. We all know the feeling of stress, clutter and frustration. One of the first things to do to achieve a stress free environment is organization and having everything where it needs to be. You can add colors and themes to make it fun. This board is full of ideas of how to go about achieving a stress free office environment.




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