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Number of New LinkedIn Members is 2 per Second

Reasons to Have a LinkedIn Profile


If you don’t have yet to create a LinkedIn profile, whether you are a business or employee, you need to drop what you are doing and change that! LinkedIn is nationally successful and growing larger every day. Stay connected and allow employers to find you. It does make the difference when employers search for your LinkedIn profile and you are no where to be found. If they are looking at two candidates, one with a profile and one without, chances are they will choose the candidate who has a profile. It only takes about 10 minutes of your time and makes the world of a difference. Here are some more reasons as to why you should have a LinkedIn profile. Set yourself up for success, LinkedIn is the place to start.

1.  Branding Yourself

Since today’s communication is relied heavily through technology, LinkedIn is the perfect place to start with branding yourself. Expand on your resume in ways that you can’t do on paper, and recruiters will see this. Add more to your past experiences and buff up descriptions. LinkedIn allows you so much more room and options to brand yourself past just your resume.

2. Career Strategy

LinkedIn can help you organize a career strategy to improve your job searches. It has been proven to help those who are searching for a specific job or types of careers. Let LinkedIn help you organize your career path, their goal is to help you help yourself.

3. Networking

LinkedIn is like all your other social medias out there but instead, you are networking with future employers and current employees. You can have the media network and connection but keep it strictly business. You don’t need to worry about formalities with LinkedIn because they are already set up. LinkedIn makes it easy for you!

4. Stay Relevant and Current

Stay up to date with what is occurring in the professional and business world. You never know what you could stumble upon that could provide you with a new job. LinkedIn allows you to stay in the know, and allows other people/recruiters to find you because businesses are using LinkedIn to match skills.

5. Offers and Opportunities

Let’s not forget one of the best chances LinkedIn provides you, finding a job. Connecting with certain employers and companies can allow them to review your profile and contact you out of interest.




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