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How to Network

Network the Right Way


Network. Such a big word you hear everywhere in the business world and even beyond. Network is also linked with a huge success rate, that is why everyone encourages it. Majority of individuals get to where they are by knowing someone who knows someone. It is all about connections and the people you meet along the way and how you maintain those relationships.

Here are some helpful tips to network the right way so you can get out the door with all the right relationships.

1. Construct a Plan and Know Your Information

–  When you know you are about to attend an event with important business networks, make sure to research them ahead of time; know what position they hold and what they could offer you. Also make sure their line of work pertains to your interests. Construct a plan when meeting them. Know what to say, know what questions you are going to ask. Bring a resume as well as business cards.  Make sure you come prepared!

2.  Obtain Contact Information

– Obtaining contact information is the goal because once you have contact information you have a way to reach them. It is a simple  question for their email address before departing a conversation or you can ask for their card, which any good business person will always have with them. Make sure you have your business card as well because you never know when they might ask for one. Having one shows your organization and sets you apart from others. This way the contact can go both ways.

3. A Good Introduction

– First impressions are everything and it is where people learn the most from you. When meeting new professional people make sure you have a short but sweet introduction that you can present yourself with. You could almost call it an elevator speech. It will make the difference and you will come off as prepared and reputable. Successful first impressions help you get your foot in the door from the start.

4.  Stay in Touch

– Even when you don’t hear anything from them after meeting, that isn’t a problem. You are the one who is in charge of contacting them. You don’t need to over-think it, just send a nice email after meeting explaining how nice it was to meet and how you would love to stay in touch. People are busy and they won’t always remember to contact you. Just remember to maintain that  business  relationship and more so than not you could meet more connections through them.



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