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Inside the Potential of a Great Work-Life Balance in Manufacturing

A healthy work-life balance is paramount for manufacturing employees. If you know how to manage your health, you can perform at peak levels. Meanwhile, you’re also well-equipped to feel great outside of work.  

Establishing a healthy work-life balance in manufacturing can be challenging. Manufacturers often have substantial demands. As such, they can ask their employees to work long hours. But if employees aren’t careful, they risk letting their health deteriorate. At this time, the damage can be significant to both the worker and their employer.  

A poor work-life balance can cause a manufacturing employee to feel worn-out. Furthermore, the worker may stress over work. This can reach a point where the worker cannot perform their job successfully. And in this instance, the worker’s health and work performance suffer at the same time.  

Many manufacturers have recognized the importance of maintaining a healthy workplace. They are doing their part to provide employees in manufacturing jobs with myriad perks to help them establish and sustain a healthy work-life balance. These perks include: 

1. Flexible Work Schedules 

When it comes to manufacturing staffing, shortages are prevalent across the United States. Yet, some manufacturers are willing to provide temp-to-hire and contract staffing opportunities. They are working diligently to provide those in light industrial jobs with flexible work schedules. That way, employees can work hours that won’t force them to sacrifice their physical and mental wellness. Plus, these employees can have sufficient time to enjoy fun activities outside of work with family members and friends.  

2. Employee Wellness Programs 

Manufacturers are introducing employee wellness programs that encourage workers to take care of their health. These programs provide employees with tools and resources to develop and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Workers can also receive healthcare benefits and similar perks to consult with medical professionals regarding their work-life balance.  

3. Mental Health Days  

You may find manufacturing jobs where employers offer a set number of mental health days annually. These days can help workers focus on what’s most important: taking care of their health. Mental health days can be beneficial if employees try to make the most of them. Thus, if you are searching for a job in manufacturing, you may want to find one with mental health days. By doing so, you can reap the benefits of working with a manufacturer that values its employees’ health.  

How to Establish a Healthy Work-Life Balance in Manufacturing 

If you work a manufacturing job and feel exhausted, you may be coping with an unhealthy work-life balance. In this scenario, consult with your manager. You and your manager can then work together to explore to help you feel and perform great in your job once again.  

Other things you can do to improve your work-life balance include: 

  • Set aside at least one hour a day to relax and recover from your job.  
  • Learn to say “no” if you cannot handle a work request due to time limitations.  
  • Use a journal to express your thoughts and feelings in writing.  
  • Do at least one thing you love every day.  
  • Spend time with family members and friends.  

Find Your Next Manufacturing Role with Precision 

Lastly, if you feel your manufacturing job has become too much to handle, Precision Staffing can help. We offer job placement assistance to manufacturing professionals. Our recruiters will make it simple to identify and land a manufacturing job that meets your requirements. For more information, reach out to a recruiter today.  



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