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Maintaining A Healthy Workplace

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Keeping Employees Healthy Returning To Work

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At Precision Staffing we’re learning as we go, too. Here are some best practices we thought might be helpful for keeping workers healthy returning to work. “We’re balancing two things: the need to move forward, to get people back to work; but to do it in a safeway. There are trade offs,” Mike Dewine said. We can all learn a tremendous amount from the essential businesses that have stayed open and operating throughout the current pandemic.


  • Increase Sanitation. Be prepared to provide employees with sanitizing wipes and ask them to clean any surface they touch. Some examples are door knobs, phones, desks, counters. In addition to cleaning, employees should have plenty of hand sanitizer available for all employees.Make sure they’re aware of any changes in your day-to-day operations or modified business hours.

  • Temperature Checks. All it takes is one sick person to get the entire office sick. To help prevent sick people from coming to work, require temperature checks daily. Due to covid19 it is legal to require employees to participate.
  • Spread Out. It can be hard to follow social distancing guidelines in the office, Try to space out as much as possible and avoid gathering in common areas. Not all meetings need to be in person, try setting up a Zoom meeting instead. We understand employees are still struggling with daycares being closed. We offer work from home arrangements for contractors.



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