Ideas For Parents Working From Home That Will Keep Kids Busy & Having Fun

Working from home can be stressful, having kids doesnlt make it any easier. Here are 3 activities to keep them occupied.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

    This revolutionary virtual yoga class for kids has countless episodes on YouTube. It is a place for yoga stories and fun. The instructor Jamie makes yoga and mindfulness fun for kids. She uses creative stories told through yoga poses to engage kids.
    Each episode has a theme like Star Wars or Trolls for example. It is healthy 21st screen time for kids. Join now to be a part of the millions of kids, who are already loving their Cosmic Kid Adventure! Click here.

Play To Learn Preschool

    Everyone likes to have a sense of normalcy. Having a routine plays a key part in child development. In uncertain times like these, it can be challenging.

    Play To Learn Preschool offers videos on Facebook and circle time weekdays at 11am. It keeps kids engaged and circle time is something to look forward it. It also gives you time to catch up on work.
    They have new topics every day and believe preschool should be a fun and magical time. Come join circle time today!


   ABCMouse is providing free access to its learning software to kids. It is a great program to help kids learn from home. They take pride in making their activities interesting and engaging.
    Their program is easily accessible. It is available on your phone, computer, and tablet. Click here to help give your child a jump start on learning!

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