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The Color Impression: Interview Clothing Techniques

You have an interview at your dream job! Now for the hard part…. what to wear😊

Colors subliminally can alter the mind in a first impression. While choosing which color shirt to wear to the interview can seem unimportant, it could very well be the deciding factor in your future.

According to Career Builder’s panel of surveyed decision makers, the color to stay away from entirely is orange. It is seen as an unprofessional and chaotic color.

Colors that are best to be worn are neutrals. Black, White, Cream and Navy are go-to colors for an interview.

Black brings a feeling of boldness, formality and strength.

White associates with safety and freshness.

Blue can bring a feeling of sincerity, calmness, and inspiration.

A few tips:

It is best to wear a neutral color with a pop of a brighter hue. Preferably the color of your eyes in order to draw eye contact and make the eyes pop allowing for a brighter, energetic impression.

The less stress, the better in terms of interviews. Have some pieces set aside as your interview clothes if you are in the interview process.

Be sure your clothing choice fits properly. You do not need the stress of adjusting and feeling uncomfortable during an interview.

Be energetic and confident, allowing for your skills and personality to shine through!



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