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A New Age of Robotics

Envision being a robot…….

You do not know what you can do, how you look, or who you are; you have no self-concept. You are created to accomplish a specific task and that is it.

Robots are trained within a process of “narrow AI”. While engineers dream of a robot with “general AI”, this has yet to be truly obtainable. What is the difference between these two approaches to robotic training?

“Narrow AI” is specialized training. They are programmed to do a task without an understanding of that task. This means that if the robot is damaged, they will not change their movement to accommodate, they in general cannot accommodate for any alteration.

Whereas, with “General AI”, a robot is adaptable to their surroundings.

Recently, a group of Columbia engineers took a huge leap forward in robotic technology. They created a robotic arm that they allowed to explore; learning its own abilities and movements. At one point, the engineers even created a deformed piece using a 3D printer and replaced it within the robot’s hand. The robot knew itself well enough to adapt and change its movement to accommodate the new piece.

Self- thinking robots seemed to be so far into the future, yet, here we are!

Given this development, it will be very interesting to see the rate at which robotic technology will ascent.



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