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Gaining Powerful Workforce with Loyal Millennials

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Acquiring the workforce of millennials can be a challenge for most companies. There are specific explanations for why millennials can be a struggle to gain and retain in the workforce.
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How to Attract Millennials

Millennials usually have different incentives than that of prior generations.

While it has most traditionally been that those in the workforce look to gain power, financial freedom and status; this is not the case with most millennials.

This generation is on a quest for purpose.

They look for a path to make the world creative, innovative and a kinder place.

When looking at a company for employment, they will most likely not look at sales or whether the company is listed on the Fortune 500 list but will rather look at a company’s culture and global impact.

In addition, social media is a millennial’s outlet. For them to know about your company and to attract their attention, be present on social media. Posts on Instagram or Twitter will go a long way with this generation.


How to Keep Millennials

Once a millennial has joined your company, it can also be difficult to keep them there.

The reason for this, they will move on in most cases if they feel unacknowledged and unfulfilled.

Keep them engaged by offering incentives, hearing their ideas, and understanding their culture.

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Would you like to learn more about attracting, engaging and retaining a millennial workforce? View this free webinar to gain more wonderful insight from Kudos Inc!

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The corporate workplace can be hard for a millennial to fit into as their standards don’t often line up with a corporate structure.

Once you have their loyalty; they can bring bright new ideas, attract millennial consumers, use their technical skills to your advantage, while maybe doing some good for society in the process.wink




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