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The Power of Suits

“You Can Have Anything You Want In Life If You Dress For It.” Edith Head

In any interaction, you have a moment. The first moment you meet someone of importance. In that moment, consciously or unknowingly, they critic you. Whether this be based on your words, your handshake or your style, it is your first impression.


Even without this pressure of judgement, dressing for success has an impact on how one perceives the world.


Studies have consistently shown that formal wear, i.e. suits, change one’s thought process. Wearing a suit causes one to think more critically, to feel more powerful and to act more confidently.


What is power? Is it something of actual measure or rather a feeling one can attain?

Studies have shown that wearing a suit can allow you to think more holistically and having greater insight on the bigger picture. One’s brain will naturally encourage them to use abstract processing when wearing a suit.


What is the difference between abstract and concrete thought process? Concrete thoughts are simple and direct. Abstract thoughts are insightful and cerebral. Having abstract thoughts can not only create more sophisticated ideas and thoughts but can allow criticism to be conducive.


Abstract possessing can also allow for sounder money decisions. Those using abstract thoughts are more likely to make sound long-term financial decisions, whereas those using concrete thought are more impulsive.


Casual attire is becoming more consistent within the workplace, not only will dressing for success create a different thought process for you and impower you with confidence but will set you apart from your workforce.


Suits are a timeless, classic statement with as much impact (fashion wise and psychologically) today as when they were first worn decades ago.



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