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Resolving Workplace Conflict

It’s natural to be prideful and honest to be humble but finding the balance is ideal.

Conflicts can be expected within any company, it is natural at times for employees or co-workers to not always get along. This could be due to jealousy, personal differences, competition, or stress. There are ways to navigate these conflicts efficiently and professionally.

The priority goal is to come to a resolution that is acceptable to both parties in disagreement. Do not make accusations, they will be counterproductive. Communication skills are vital to in the process of getting back on track. You must be clear and professional in letting the other party know why you are agitated and how you would like to resolve the situation for the future.

Considering what could go wrong is not pessimism, it is important to plan any outcome in negotiation.

Do not hold grudges. Once you have come to a mutual resolution, have it be a fresh start! Everyone is working towards the same goal, helping the company succeed. Work as a cohesive team and be mindful of yourself, treating others how you wish to be treated.



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