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This is the Number One Detail to Look at on a Potential Employee’s Resume

How much can a piece of paper say about you? When it comes to resume,  it can say everything to an employer.  Not only does a resume tell you where an employee has worked but with reading between the lines,  you can see further into a potential employee’s characteristics and traits.
When looking at a resume, it is important to look at where an employee has been and their role.  This will tell you the type of experience they have and depending on the level at which you are looking to hire, whether to consider employment.
Skills are always good to read, although often can be fluffed on a resume.  The ones that are important to pull out are those pertaining to technical skills such as C++, Microsoft Excel, ect.
Organization and creativity can be learned from a resume as well. Depending on the layout and style of resume you can sometimes begin to see a candidates traits
Education can be vital if necessary for the position. I do not believe that a brand name school makes a difference in a person’s skills and drive. Although it can be impressive that they were accepted in Harvard, someone can be just as educated and determined coming from a smaller facility.

What is the absolute, number one detail to pay attention to on a resume? It is longevity! Whether they have worked for a big, successful company like Procter and Gamble or if they worked as a lifeguard for Great Wolf Lodge, if they were there for a longer period of time that speaks volumes. If a potential employee has stayed within their roles for six months minimum plus, you can have hope that if it is a good fit,  they will stay with you too!



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