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Highest Paying Jobs in Each State with Surprising Results

It has always been thought that bigger, well-known companies can offer higher pay than that of smaller companies; recent data proves this misconception to be inaccurate. 


Money put together a map of the United States consisting of data gathered from the AFL-CIO Russell 3000 Stock Market Index showing the highest paid positions in every state. data is somewhat surprising, as most of the highest paid jobs are not known companies, they are much smaller in size. For instance, in California, the highest paying company (Geron) only has 15 employees.


Currently the highest grossing pay comes from companies working in the energy field, with a second as healthcare with 13 states leading in healthcare and 15 companies related to energy.


Ohio’s highest paying company is Diamond Hill Investment Group with a median salary of $265,600 and 118 employees. This is an investment management firm that was established in the year 2000.


Are you surprised by this data?

What type of companies would you assume pay the highest?

How does the fact that this data is now required to be publicly shared change the workforce?


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