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6 Words to Avoid During Interviews


Words to Avoid While Interviewing


We all have an idea of what to say and how to present ourselves at an interview but are we really aware of the small filler words that slip out of our mouths unconsciously? Here is a list of words that could cost you the interview and by avoiding them, it could make you stand out compared to other candidates. Even the smallest things could make the difference on whether you land the job or not. Allow yourself the skill to sound professional and well versed to any possible future employees.   Below are just the beginning of the most common words you will want to avoid during an interview.


  • No
    • First and foremost, this word just brings negativity and all together doesn’t allow new beginnings to start.  If the answer to a question is no, you should come up with other phrases leaning towards, ” I have yet to do this…..,” or “I haven’t taken the chance…” These phrases allow more discussion and don’t make you seem inexperienced.
  • Er…Um
    • These filler words are a no brainer when it comes to avoiding during any form of conversation. Although, they still manage to sneak out. If you find yourself struggling with what to say, just pause and not say anything for a brief moment to let the thought come to you. Silence of a thought sounds much better than a continuous, “um.”
  • Sure, Cool, Kinda
    • When you come to an interview the recruiter has the expectation the interviewee will be professional and that includes their vocabulary. Instead of saying, “sure,” say, “yes.” Do not ever use the terminology stemming off of, “cool,” and “kinda.”  You should be the best professional self you can be.
  • We
    • This isn’t necessarily a bad word to use. The key with using this word, is how much you use it. If you are describing a previous job or project and there is never an “I,” then the recruiter could start to question how much work did you actually do. So focus on “I” rather than “we.”
  • Hate
    • This is another one of those words you should never need to use during an interview because it only brings a negative outlook on yourself. No matter how unpleasant your previous job was, you should never give it a negative description during an interview.  Make sure to supply it with pros and cons but don’t focus on much you disliked the job. This will just reflect poorly back on you.
  • Perfectionist
    • This word is blunt and overused in an interview, especially centered around the question, what are your weaknesses. Instead of using this word, expand on the description and be more specific. Anyone can use the word as an answer but it is hardly taken seriously.

Here are the words to avoid and the most commonly used ones. Now the next step is to go schedule interviews and show them just how professionally versed you are.



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