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Hiring Jump to 51% for 2015 Graduates


One of the biggest concerns for college students coming out of college is landing a dream job that tailors right along with their major and better yet, one that helps pays off those detrimental loans. Well the recent survey from Michigan State University should ease those worries for 2015 graduates. The survey states companies hiring for graduates will jump up by 16% next year and possibly even up to 20%. Not to mention if you are in the fields of telecommunications companies, publishing, motion pictures and broadcasting then you are in luck because these will jump up a whole 51%. The second field that is right up there in growth is Finance and Insurance which will be jumping up to 31% for hiring graduates. Regardless if your field wasn’t listed, hiring of college graduates next year is still almost jumping up to 20%. Now with this information in hand one should know the proper steps to landing that perfect or ideal job coming out of college.
The Guardian Graduate listed out some basic steps to getting a step ahead to ensure you find a job.
Step 1: “Forget Generic Applications” This is basically stating don’t send out multiple resumes without actually putting any thought into them or a personal aspect as well. Companies don’t want to review the same monotonous routine resume. Make sure you do the research for each company and tailor your skills for what they are looking for. Now is the time to advertise yourself, so don’t be shy and show them what have to bring to the table.
Step 2: “Do Your Homework” If you are really dedicated to finding a job then it goes without saying you research the position and ask questions to make sure it is something you see yourself doing on a daily basis. Treat finding a job and researching a company as if you were about to be tested on the material. It is your future, treat it that way. It can only help you to know more about the company.
Step 3: “Think Competencies” When constructing your resume and cover letter for a position always make sure you relate your experience to why it would help the company. Make it easy for them to decide why they should hire you. Companies need the “evidence” as the Guardian Graduate put it to pick you and that is why you need to improvise on your experiences, they need the evidence. Gather strong and unique qualities that stemmed from your previous experiences.
Step 4: “Take Your Time” You want the job but you also need to make sure you pace yourself and our smart with where you send out your information. If you are fast and restless with your actions you could make a minor mistake which could cost you the job. Always double check your cover letters and resumes and always make sure someone else proofreads them. Take your time but don’t procrastinate. Stay ahead and get things done early.

Executing all these steps can only help you in the long run. Not to mention Precision Staffing can help you as well to find that job coming out of college. Here at Precision Staffing we work hard to make it easy for you to find a job. We have recently added the convenient option of applying online through our website. The link to apply online is attacked below or you can find it on our home page.  It is our goal to help you find you a place in a company you belong in.  Let us help you.

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