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What Do Cincinnati Job Seekers Want In A Post-Pandemic Workplace?


You don’t have to hold a PhD in economics to know that the Cincinnati job market has been forever altered by COVID. The pandemic first brought many industries to a halt, setting off record unemployment. Then massive labor shortages plagued numerous sectors and several years later, despite plenty of Cincinnati job seekers looking for opportunities, employers are still struggling to fill positions and stay fully staffed.

Add to that the fact that candidates are demanding higher pay and better benefits (and they are holding out to get them), and the struggle to find great employees just compounds itself. While it’s easy to blame the pandemic for this shortage, we can actually look back and see that things were on a downward slope before 2020. A 2018 survey revealed that 45% of employers struggled to fill roles in their organizations. Now, 95% of business leaders say it’s “very or somewhat challenging for their company to find skilled professionals.”

All of this begs the question, what exactly do Cincinnati job seekers want in a post-pandemic workplace?

Cincinnati Job Seekers Want A Positive Candidate Experience

Unfortunately, some employers in Cincinnati still provide a poor hiring experience for candidates and this will cost you talent every single time. Today’s job seekers have many options, so it makes sense that they will reject jobs and employers with frustrating elements of the hiring process like:

  • Poor or non-existent communication
  • Misleading or vague job descriptions
  • A lengthy, tedious application process
  • Interviews that lack substance
  • Anything throughout the recruiting and hiring process that sends a vibe of dishonesty

Candidates in every industry are no longer settling for employers that provide a frustrating hiring experience and will hold out for an experience that provides them with good communication, transparency, speed, and ultimately a good paycheck.

Cincinnati Job Seekers Want A Commitment To Health and Safety

COVID seems to have extended our antenna for all things health-related. People are now much less likely to “push through” an illness and show up to work sick. And they want companies that won’t push them to come in if they are sick. They want to see a commitment to their health and safety both on and off the job. They want to see a well-developed, consistently executed plan that:

  • Clearly states any company mandated vaccination and testing protocols
  • Incorporates remote work and flexible scheduling
  • Promotes a safe work environment
  • Demonstrates an interest in employees as people
  • Provides sick days and an environment where they feel free to use them

Wise employers in Cincinnati will give their health and safety protocol center stage in their recruitment strategy.

Cincinnati Job Seekers Want Strong Work-Life Balance

Even before the pandemic, flexible scheduling was gaining in popularity. And then, the concept soared to become one of today’s most sought-after perks. While setting one’s work schedule to accommodate family responsibilities and personal preference isn’t feasible for every position, offering as much flexibility as possible will be to an employer’s advantage.

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