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Crafting a Creative Out of Office Reply

It is Summer!!!! You have been counting down the days, it is finally here….. your vacation!

How can you spend a week relaxing with family and friends while staying on top of your work connections?

The answer is, creating an out of office message! Every email platform allows for an automatic message to be created and to automatically be sent out in response to those reaching out to you in your designated time out of office.

While this is a common practice, you can make your message creative, informative, or even funny. In doing so you may generate more leads and business!

Consider adding a survey to your OOO, a GIF, or a random fact. You could also add a bit of personal information such as; I will be back to my hometown in Florida for the next week.

However you choose to craft your out of office reply, be sure to include your date of return and enjoy your time away!

Here are some examples of unique messages that are sure to get a smile from your contacts…

Harry Hedwig wrote; “Hey there! Right now I am camping in the woods, with the family, far from any cell tower or WIFI spot. This blessing/curse means I have not seen this email right now and probably won’t until I return to the 21st century. As that is probably not the reply to your urgent and important missive you had wished for, I have put a few contingences in place. For sales contact……”

Sam Mallikarjunan wrote; “I am on vacation until 8/23/2016. If you need to reach me, travel to my homeland of Florida. On the highest peak, of the tallest mountain, you will find a flower. When you understand that flower, you will know how to reach me. Trust me, you’ll know. If your message requires a response faster than that, but can’t wait until I return, please email my manager at……”



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