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Using Facebook Live for Success

Social media is a phenomenal tool to extend business that takes nothing from you but some time and creativity!


One newer outlet of social media that is trending in our society is Facebook Live. This tool is brilliant for businesses to use and easy to operate.


Facebook Live is tool that was soft released in late 2015. At first this tool was released only for select accounts, mostly celebrities and it was successful right away. Now, if you have Facebook, you have easy access to Facebook Live.

How should you use this tool to succeed?


  • Looking “Behind the scenes” of your company. Recording a tour of your business, seeing the offices, the staff, people buzzing around getting things done is a great use of Facebook Live. People are more likely to connect with a company that they feel like they know. This recording can help those viewing it to feel connected to your business and see your efficiency.


  • In depth Interviews are another option. Interviewing a customer, Managers of your business or any employee of the company on Facebook Live will bring viewers and allow viewers to gain insight into your company.


  • How to videos are another use of Facebook Live. Showing a viewer useful tutorials is another way to gain clientele and loyal customers.


  • If you have had a change to the company or a new product released, “unveiling” it on Facebook Live can make it an event everyone can attend, giving them interest in the product or change.


Not only are there many ways to use this tool to your advantage when it comes to what to record, but there are several ways to use your footage. From shooting one video, you can cut clips for other media outlets, get quotes from your video for Twitter, blogs, or Facebook. You can get image stills for all media outlets from your clips. One video can be used throughout your social media universe.


We look forward to seeing your creative ways to use Facebook Live for success!




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