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Quitting at the Half

The Buffalo Bills were trailing the San Diego Chargers 28-6 at halftime on Sunday. As the players came back onto the field for second half, word was spreading that defensive back Vontae Davis was not coming back out and was retiring.



This was the first game Vontae was playing for the Bills as he was recently drafted and was playing for the Colts. In week one Davis was inactive.


The Buffalo Bills signed Davis for 5 million dollars in his one year contract. He will not make the total having only played 1.5 games but there is no clear answer now as to how much he is walking with, only what he has walked away from.


It is frustrating as an employer to invest in an individual that you believe will be a great fit for your team, only to have them quit within days, weeks or a few months.


How long do you expect employees to work for your company?


Currently, the average number of years worked is 4.6 years for one company according to thebalancecareers.


How can you keep employees?


Look for cues upon hiring to be sure your new hire is right for the company. You want them to get along with the staff, be happy about their ne position and be reliable.


Incorporate revenue sharing or offer rewards. This will not only keep staff but keep them engaged and productive.


Be generous with time off.


Be relatable to your employees, know a bit about who they are. If you ask how their daughter is adjusting to middle school for instance, they will feel valued.


Great employees are not easy to come by, keeping those you have is a key to continued success.


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