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What is Becoming of Print Media?

Due to our abundant technology and convenient modes of social interaction; within the first fifteen minutes of waking up, if anything big happened in our society, you know about it.

Imagine a time where this was far from the case.


It was not until the late 1600’s that print media had been started with the first newspaper in the United States. From there a new form of communication bloomed from newspapers to flyers. Print media is a field that seems to be slowly disappearing from our society.


According to Statista facts, in just two years magazine sales in the United States have decreased by 28 million dollars. Catalogs are no longer in every large department store. Many magazines have either shut down or turned to digital format only.


Why is print media reducing in our country? It could be the use of resources and our environment; paper waste. It could also be a cost reduction, producing a digital magazine is certainly of less cost then printing a magazine.


All things considered, I personally believe that the print industry is not going to disappear but rather change. People still often enjoy having gratification when shopping, something tangible that they obtain.


Rather than worrying about making sales from advertisements and trial subscriptions, creating work that is authentic and of quality will create sales.



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