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Once an employer has a new job opening or openings, there will be an average of 148 resumes received per job opening.  As you might assume, most hiring managers do not have the time to support this kind of influx and according to the, there are around 21% of recruiters who also do not have the technology to properly screen candidates.  When conducting an over the phone interview it takes a recruiter around 31 minutes for just a single candidate and if we cumulative the time spent multiplied by each resume received, they are spending over 70 hours alone just doing phone screens!  Is this the best use of time and money with the possibility that they are not a good fit for the company?

Did you know that in a recent study conducted by, at least 41% of employers say that hiring a bad employee has cost them at least $25,000 in revenue?  In addition to the direct costs of a bad hire, there are also indirect effects such as lower productivity, a loss in time and expense from training, a decrease in company morale and a reduction in client problem resolution.  These factors can add up.  So how might companies decrease these startling figures?  They can turn to a staffing agency to screen and analyze resumes for the best candidates.

A staffing agency can be very beneficial to your company for many different reasons.  We are able to weed out all of the resumes to a few qualified candidates as potential employees.  This reduces your investment through time spent and the interviewing/hiring process.  You then have the option to interview them and possibly choose them as a candidate.  It reduces the guessing because we have talked with candidates after sifting through the resumes and are confident that we are handing over the best candidates possible. In addition we will save you the time and money needed to hire a new employee. During the hiring process you will have the option of temp to hire or direct hire.  When employing someone as a temp to hire, it acts as a working interview, giving you the evaluation period prior to the full costs of benefits.  If they are not the best fit the only loss is in the few hours it took to train and pay the employee for their work a replacement can be made quickly .  A direct hire comes with a guarantee period providing security blanket if a change does need to be made.

So why have you not turned to staffing yet? Really, there is nothing left to lose! Contact Precision Staffing, the leader in candidate placing, to find out more information today! We can be reached at our office, 513-372-6020 or by email




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