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Foods to Avoid Heating Up in the Office

 Foods You Don’t Want to Microwave in the Office

smelly food

Everyone hopefully should already be aware of the types of food that you don’t want to heat up while in the office. Certain foods when placed in the microwave create a pungent smell that seems to linger around everyone’s desk for the rest of the day. Here is just a friendly reminder to everyone who may have forgotten the foods to not microwave for the sake of the office.

1. Popcorn


We all love this food but the smell of popcorn is known for pushing that buttery smell clear past the doors of the microwave. Now, one thing we all can agree on that isn’t a pleasant smell is burnt popcorn. This smell is even more distracting and just plain awful. Save the popcorn for the movie nights.


2. Fish

tuna sandwich

This food is one of the healthiest dishes you could eat but it still remains to be not the healthiest thing for your nose to smell. Fish is one of the top foods you should never microwave or eat period in the office. That is including those tuna sandwiches everyone enjoys.  Don’t make the office smell like a fishing boat.


3. Egg Salad


This dish should be a no- brainer as few people enjoy the smell of egg and mayonnaise combined. This particular item you don’t need to microwave but this dish is still worthy of making the list. If you are have major egg salad cravings, help everyone out and eat it in your car.




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