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Hiring to increase by 57% within 12 months

A recent article published by Insurance News Net on July 22, 2014 titled Lucas Group Survey Reveals U.S. Small to Mid-Sized Businesses Plan to Hire shares the results of the Lucas Group Survey that shows small and mid-sized businesses forecast to hire 57% more employees over the next 12 months (up from 41% compared to last year). This increase reflects the continual U.S. economic recovery as “SMB’s play a significant role in the U.S. economy, and their actions- particularly related to hiring or downsizing- impact the overall health and vitality of our country,” stated Scott Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at Lucas Group.

With this positive news there comes challenge. The leaders of small and mid-sized businesses share the difficulty in finding qualified candidates to fill the open positions. When ranked, the challenge of finding quality candidates was second to health care costs.

The trend now begins to turn from having limited openings but rather to being able to fill these openings with the highest quality individuals to ensure continued business growth and production.

Precision Staffing is unique because we apply a performance based system, which dramatically improves hiring results. This program has enabled us to increase quality of employees, retention and reduce time to hire. Our success is driven through customization of metric tracking from our clients’ direction and strategy. We align our processes with yours and develop an effective staffing plan to exceed those goals. Our continually developing skill bank reduces the time to hire, turnover and ultimately the cost of hiring. We take every step necessary to ensure you receive the quality staff to support your success.

From the perspective of the employee and from the employers, Precision Staffing applies this system to provide continual support and benefit through quality.

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