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What To Expect From an Interview

Once the resume has been fine tuned, cover letters drafted and you now have an interview booked, can you rest easy? Absolutely not! It’s time to prepare yourself for the most important step of the job hunting process.

What to anticipate?

Interviewers will expect you to come prepared with a great presentation,  keep in mind the first impression is often one of the biggest factors in job hunting, it shows how high your interest is in the position and how you would present yourself to clients and how you’d represent the company. Another crucial component is furnishing your resume to the interviewer and being prepared with multiple copies for multiple interviewers.

Most companies also instill the use of an application which many job pursuants find unnecessary, however the telling of your reaction to this impacts the first impression as well as serving other purposes. For one, your resume only says so much about you. The resume scored the interview, wouldn’t it make sense that as you progress on more information is required? Applications allow the interviewer to ascertain that one can follow simple directions and provide insight to how detail oriented one truly is, the dedication you present, and gives the interviewer as much infirmation up front as possible. This frees up the interview for other questions and as stated in the article,  “Reasons Why Companies Have Applicants Fill Out Applications”, by  Larry Poupard, “Anything that makes the hiring process easier should be applauded, not complained about.”


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