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Social Media and the Job Hunt

Many job seeking candidates are aware that employers may be looking to their social media sites like Facebook or twitter to screen out undesirables should they have some questionable posts or pictures. However many of these same job seeking candidates are unaware that they can turn it around and make social media work for them.

In an article titled, “3 Ways Social Media Can Help You Land a Job (And Keep It)” from HootSuite, a leading social media dashboard for companies, they explore all the ways you can put these outlets to work for you in the sometimes harrowing job search. LinkedIn is a terrific way to get started on putting social media to work for you, it is the traditional method of networking in an online medium. The amount of information you can choose to provide can also help those in your network-or potential employers, get a better feel for you than on a traditional resume. Many companies in addition to LinkedIn are also now on Facebook and Twitter and also use it to cast a net for potential new candidates. A great idea is to get on board with companies you might be interested in and see what their discussions are about presently, you might even find a recent job opening that hasn’t made it to CareerBuilder yet.

From “How to Hunt for a Job Using Social Media” from Mashable, a British-American news website, technology and social media blog, they reenforce the helpfulness of Twitter and the way hashtags can help you. We, including many other businesses, use hashtags to help make it easier for job seekers to find what we’re posting, a few we use often are; #jobs, #hiring, #cincinnatijobs. LinkedIn also provides job boards for members to use to help them find the opportunities that they are looking for. Even Pinterest is getting in on the game for employers and potential employees, they can provide a plethora of useful tips in polishing resumes and providing tips to appear as a phenomenal candidate, and now Precision Staffing boasts our own Pinterest page that we also update with open job postings. Instead of being worrisome over what your Facebook and other social media profiles could reveal about you, start to make it work for you, a great place to start is by creating a LinkedIn page.




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