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Resume Revamping

Something that most job seekers have anxiety about is their resume. It isn’t something anyone feels like they have a good handle on and it seems as though it can always be improved upon or modified in some way to make you seem like a better candidate. Some unconventional resume methods that resulted in being hired were: being presented in the form of Rubik’s cubes; one person created a brochure that sold themselves as the best candidate; another individual designed his resume to look like Google search results for the “perfect candidate,” (candidate ultimately wasn’t hired, but was considered).


These creative ways to make your resume stand out can seem like it’s going against the grain, and you might feel that it may be immediately discarded by hiring committees for being nonconformist, but some positions in certain companies will certainly be appreciative of resumes considered to be unique. However it’s also important to keep it professional, in which ever way you choose to format your resume, you are applying for a job that’s most likely leading down a career path, and although most people don’t do it, to keep several versions of your resume for different kinds of positions you apply for. Keeping the colors normal and sticking to conventional font choice and paper forms are ideal, and the article, Resume Mistakes that make you go ‘WHOA!‘, also provides tips for what to make sure you include. Also be sure to be providing skills and accomplishments that will set you apart from every coworker you had that had the same title. Having your dates ordered chronologically for job history and resumes look much better when spaced correctly. Let the stressful idea of ‘perfect’ resume go, and take heed of some of these tips and see if you notice any impact.


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