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Temp Staffing on the Rise

Temporary employees used to be viewed as a quick fix during busy season or temporary coverage during illness, vacation or maternity leave.  Today temporary help plays an essential role in most American businesses and is a leading indicator of job creation.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in February of 2005 an average of 1.2 million temporary help workers were employed everyday.  Throughout the 3rd quarter of 2010 that number has grown to 2.6 million.  The pace of growth in the staffing industry in the fall of 2010 was the fastest recorded since the industry began keeping statistics in the 1940s.

Utilizing a staffing agency has grown into so much more than just temporary help.  The American Staffing Association reports that 59% of companies stated that a main reason for using an agency was to “help find good permanent employees.”  As American companies embrace the staffing industry the provider you choose becomes more paramount.  Your success is a direct result of the people within your company.  Therefore the provider you choose is directly linked to your success.



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