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Process Meets Knowledge

Our industry knowledge enables us to screen based on the core metrics of your call center. Our show and graduation rates are well above industry standards. Whether you are an internal customer care group or a BPO; our careful candidate vetting process aligned with your core metrics enable us to drive better results.

Customer Service Staffing 

Skilled, dependable customer service representatives can make all the difference in the day-to-day productivity and profitably of your business. They are often the primary contact your customers have with your organization, making it essential that they make a great impression. At Precision Staffingour targeted recruiting ensures we select call center representatives who can provide exceptional customer service while always keeping your company’s best interests in mind. 

Call Center Recruitment Expertise  

At our call center staffing agency, we customize each search to identify candidates with the skills and experience required to handle even the most challenging call, as well as the attitude required to fit seamlessly into your company culture.  

Need Help Adding To Your Customer Service Team?  

Our call center recruitment services have delivered consistent results to Cincinnati area employers for more than 40 years.  

These are just a few of the roles we staff in our call center division.





Help Desk

Customer Service

Chat Support

Technical Support

Social Media

Customer Service Recruitment Services Include:


Contract Staffing 

Direct Hire Placement  


Payroll Services 

Recruitment Process Outsourcing 

Proven Process

Precision Staffing brings over 40 years of customer service staffing experience, ensuring you only meet the right candidates for your specific needs. We also take on payroll, payroll taxes, workers compensation coverage, unemployment insurance. Partner with us to reduce your exposure to co-employment risks, minimize liability and enjoy unmatched peace of mind. And with our tried-and-true pre-screening, interviewing, skill assessment, and selection process, every hire is easier and more successful than ever before. 

Ready To Find Your Next Call Center Job?

Our customer service staffing agency is here to help. Tell us about your skills, interests, and goals and we’ll help you find an opportunity to match. You’ll always work with a recruiter focused on keeping you and the employer happy. You won’t be just another candidate in a stack of resumes. We have long-standing relationships with decision-makers in a wide range of industries throughout Cincinnati & surrounding areas. We’ll do our best to find the call center or customer service position for you that is just the right fit.  

Take Control of Your Customer Service Career

Whether you’re looking for the flexibility of a contract position or are ready to take the next step in your career, our customer service staffing agency is here to help you find the ideal opportunity.  

A Call Center Staffing Agency You Can Trust

We have connected people like you with customer service jobs for more than 40 years. Find your next job with Precision Staffing Services.

Meet Your Division Leader

Scott Simpson understands corporate structure, the impact of departments to overall business needs and goals, and how each role plays an integral part in a company’s success. 


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