Here at Precision Staffing we are so passionate about our staffing solutions that we can’t help but talk about it constantly. From what we’re doing at the office to the latest trends in the field we just have to tell you what’s happening! If you like what we’re doing you should absolutely let us know, and if you think of something you’d really like us to tallk about go ahead and reach out!

Just In: 2019 Industry News and Trends

With a new year comes new opportunity, new issues, new progress…. In addition to new policies. Here is a quick overview of some changes coming or currently residing within our industry;The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has made a new memorandum stating...

Employment Trends at the Start of 2019

Starting the new year, statistics are looking opportunistic for employment. In closing 2018, within the final month of December, employment increased by 271,000 jobs. In occurrence with historical trends, employment should continue to gain in numbers throughout the...

Gaining Powerful Workforce with Loyal Millennials

Acquiring the workforce of millennials can be a challenge for most companies. There are specific explanations for why millennials can be a struggle to gain and retain in the workforce.How to Attract Millennials Millennials usually have different incentives than that...

ACA’s Uncertain Future….

A few weeks back, on December 14th, 2018, a Texas judge ruled the ACA as “unconstitutional”. This proclamation set many Americans into hysteria being that the deadline to enroll for coverage was on December 15th, 2018. The ruling established by Judge Reed O’Connor was...

Using Social Media to Grow

Growing up, it seemed technology escalated from minimal everyday use to a necessity overnight. Due to brilliant technological minds and growing knowledge of computer resources, technology has grown to be vital in any career. This should not be overwhelming but rather...

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Resolving Workplace Conflict

It’s natural to be prideful and honest to be humble but finding the balance is ideal. Conflicts can be expected within any company, it is natural at times for employees or co-workers to not always get along. This could be due to jealousy, personal differences,...

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Regardless of the type of work you do, one vital key not only personal growth but growth in your career or business, is networking. As technology evolves this becomes more and more crucial, where it used to be word of mouth and referrals, now business has a large...

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Resume Workshop

Resumes are important! They are the first opportunity you have to make an impression with an employer, don't let it be your last. Join us October 17th from 12-1PM to learn how to build an irresistible resume. Email to reserve your...

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Staffing as a career

We are hiring and the staffing industry is full of opportunity.  We look to grow and develop our staff and look to promote from within.  The below video gives more information on why you should choose staffing.

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We Are Hiring

We are hiring recruiters!  Do you enjoy a fast paced job that makes the day fly by?  Do you enjoy celebrating success and working as a team to make great accomplishments?  Then look no further.  We are looking to capture the Cincinnati market and continue to take on...

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What jobs are the hardest to fill?

The American Staffing Industry embarked on a nationwide study of what roles are hardest to fill.  Here are the results: The American Staffing Association's Skills Gap Index has identified the hardest-to-fill occupations in the U.S. for the fourth quarter of 2016. The...

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Email Etiquette: Staying Business professional

Now more than ever we can see the need to be constantly connected.  We are more linked to our family, friends, networks and acquaintance’s than ever before.  This endless connection can prove either fatal or productive to our careers or current jobs.  The importance...

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Here at Precision Staffing we believe in the unique worth of everyone we work with, and the relationship we develop with them. We like to spend the time to get to know each and every person we work with, even if we’ll only be working with them for a short while. This allows us to match the right talent with the right opportunities, and cuts down on the hassle for everyone involved.

Precision Staffing also employs advanced data analysis and pattern recognition to back up what we know with hard data we can prove. Our client and candidate profiles provide a deep insight into wants or needs that may be more difficult to articulate, but no less important to the operation of your business. We draw out these issues through analysis, and deliver candidates that meet your needs in ways you hadn’t thought possible.

We are dedicated to our cullture of initiative, integrity, teamwork, and trust.

Precision Staffing is about finding the talent you need now. Let our success work for you.

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