Here at Precision Staffing we are so passionate about our staffing solutions that we can’t help but talk about it constantly. From what we’re doing at the office to the latest trends in the field we just have to tell you what’s happening! If you like what we’re doing you should absolutely let us know, and if you think of something you’d really like us to tallk about go ahead and reach out!

Manufacturing and Services are growing, Manufacturing is leading the way

Below is economic statistics demonstrating economy is not slowing down.  We have tax reform that is being finalized, which will encourage even further growth in our economy.  We are in a full employment market.  Staffing in Cincinnati and...

Resume Workshop

Resumes are important! They are the first opportunity you have to make an impression with an employer, don't let it be your last. Join us October 17th from 12-1PM to learn how to build an irresistible resume. Email to reserve your...

Staffing as a career

We are hiring and the staffing industry is full of opportunity.  We look to grow and develop our staff and look to promote from within.  The below video gives more information on why you should choose staffing.

We Are Hiring

We are hiring recruiters!  Do you enjoy a fast paced job that makes the day fly by?  Do you enjoy celebrating success and working as a team to make great accomplishments?  Then look no further.  We are looking to capture the Cincinnati market and continue to take on...

Come be a leader

Are you a leader?  Do you want to stand out among your peers?  Come join Precision Staffing.  We are adding to our recruiting team.  We are seeking dedicated self-starters who are driven toward success.  As Precision continues to grow so does our staff.  We are full...

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Now Hiring Start Next Week!

We have over 30 openings. Legal Secretaries, Staff Accountant, Accounting Clerk, Data Entry, Inbound CSR, and More!  Seasonal work, temp to hire and direct hire. Please call our offices or apply online 513-372-6020...

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Over 500 Pins to Help You on our Pinterest!

Here at Precision Staffing we supply our audiences with as much guidance throughout the job searching process as possible. Here are some of the extremely helpful and insightful articles we pin on our Pinterest page. You are able to click on the pictures to take you to...

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40 Job Openings Looking to Fill ASAP $15/hr

Open Interviews from 1-3pm every Monday and Wednesday until June 1st at Precision Staffing Up to 40 Job Openings we are looking to fill and multiple shifts available What to Bring:  Resume, two forms of ID for I-9 Form Please apply online to our website before coming...

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How to Network

Network the Right Way Network. Such a big word you hear everywhere in the business world and even beyond. Network is also linked with a huge success rate, that is why everyone encourages it. Majority of individuals get to where they are by knowing someone who knows...

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Updated Pinterest Boards!

  Precision Staffing Has 3 New Boards! Our activity on Pinterest has been growing with over 400 pins, 11 boards and continues to add followers daily.  We wanted to introduce three new boards on our Pinterest created in mind specifically to help you to succeed in the...

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Number of New LinkedIn Members is 2 per Second

Reasons to Have a LinkedIn Profile If you don't have yet to create a LinkedIn profile, whether you are a business or employee, you need to drop what you are doing and change that! LinkedIn is nationally successful and growing larger every day. Stay connected and allow...

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Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

6 Questions Interviewers Want to Hear you Ask Hiring managers were asked the most impressive questions they were asked during an interview. Take notes because these questions could allow you to stand out and get the job. 1. What is an example of a client challenge you...

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3 Ways to Become a Leader

3 Steps to Become a Leader Becoming a leader comes natural to others while to some people, it is a challenge. Don't fret! Here are 3 key steps to become a leader. Use these steps and soon enough, in your job, people will take notice and start to treat you differently....

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Foods to Avoid Heating Up in the Office

 Foods You Don't Want to Microwave in the Office Everyone hopefully should already be aware of the types of food that you don't want to heat up while in the office. Certain foods when placed in the microwave create a pungent smell that seems to linger around...

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Schedule the Interview at the Right Time

    Be Smart About Scheduling Interviews Schedule your interview at the right time to set yourself up for success. There was a 2013 study that showed when candidates were interviewed towards the earlier part of the day they were more likely hired compared to the...

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Happy Valentines Day!

Here at Precision Staffing we know you are always looking for the right match for your company. The article below should only confirm you aren't the only employer only on Valentines Day. Let us put a mend to your heartache and match the candidates to the skills in...

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6 Words to Avoid During Interviews

Words to Avoid While Interviewing   We all have an idea of what to say and how to present ourselves at an interview but are we really aware of the small filler words that slip out of our mouths unconsciously? Here is a list of words that could cost you the interview...

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6 More Weeks of Winter!

Happy Groundhog Day! Just this morning Punxsutawney Phil, the famous weather predicting groundhog, saw his shadow when emerging from his burrow. So we all know what this means, 6 more weeks of the winter season. With the upcoming continued predicted winter season make...

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Here at Precision Staffing we believe in the unique worth of everyone we work with, and the relationship we develop with them. We like to spend the time to get to know each and every person we work with, even if we’ll only be working with them for a short while. This allows us to match the right talent with the right opportunities, and cuts down on the hassle for everyone involved.

Precision Staffing also employs advanced data analysis and pattern recognition to back up what we know with hard data we can prove. Our client and candidate profiles provide a deep insight into wants or needs that may be more difficult to articulate, but no less important to the operation of your business. We draw out these issues through analysis, and deliver candidates that meet your needs in ways you hadn’t thought possible.

We are dedicated to our cullture of initiative, integrity, teamwork, and trust.

Precision Staffing is about finding the talent you need now. Let our success work for you.

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